The Importance of Editing Your Life

The past few years have been a rollercoaster for me. I have had some great highlights and some serious low points. We all have them! It’s life! As 2017 began to usher itself in, I made the conscious decision to no longer allow anything in my life that would not benefit me or serve my greater purpose. I explained to friends, family and colleagues that I was making a change for the better. I was finally making a wholehearted decision and that decision was to choose ME. I began to distance myself from people in my life that I no longer needed. People that added no value nor enhanced my existence. That, I determined was step one.

I would no longer entertain or engage in the bullshit. I sat down and thought of a plan (You see, I am not only gifted in the art of writing, I have also been gifted with the talent of formulating a plan. It is one of my strong suits) to get me from where I was in 2016 to the direction I am determined to head in 2017. That included changing my number and relocating. That was step two. I was hellbent on bringing in the new year with tunnel vision in tow and the determination to create a new life for myself.

What I had come to learn towards the close of 2016, with the help of my life coach (I know! SO LA!), was that if I am not okay and I am not able to operate at full capacity, how then can I be of service to anyone else? How can I be a good and productive boss, a good friend, son, brother or even a good lover? It’s impossible!

Recently, I have been bombarded by Steve Harvey’s new book entitled “Jump”, which basically states that if you want to soar in life you have to be willing to jump off the cliff. You have to JUMP! While I have always been indifferent to Mr. Harvey, this message of his resonated with me. Loudly!

Midway through the first quarter of 2017, I began to take little steps towards my jump with the first being the birth of this blog/website. I have always had a passion for writing and I’ve always been quite good (damn good!), however, I never thought I’d actually put my writing out there to be consumed by anyone. I was fearful of negative feedback, lack of good content and most of all being boring. But true to form, I decided to say “fuck it” and here we are!  My first jump!

As I continued to examine my life and myself, I made a mental list of things that needed to go.  In order for me to be better and operate with a full tank, each person, place and thing on my list needed to be removed.

I spent most of  the month of January ruminating over one of the major decisions I’d have to make in my life. This decision would be a scary one but it had to be done. You see, this particular decision would have serious ramifications and if the decision turned out to be a bad one, it could prove detrimental. Nonetheless, I made the decision to choose me above all else. I would practice what I preach.

I am holding steadfastly to the fact that if it no longer serves me, enhances my well-being or brings me closer to my purpose in life, then it MUST go.

I’ll expound more on that major decision later.

But I will leave you with this for now, if it DOES NOT serve you in whatever capacity you need, it MUST go! That goes for any person, place or thing!

As my good friend Duran would say: “Anybody can get it!


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