Nervously Excited!

It’s no secret that I’ve been working diligently on making some major changes in my life as of late. I’ve mentioned it in many (if not all) of my past blog posts, especially The Importance of Editing Your Life. With this being my last shift left in my role at the company I’ve worked at for the past nine years, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I am nervous. It’s that anxious nervous feeling you get when you are excited but don’t know exactly how it’s going to go. Yeah, you know that feeling!  Last night I was asked the question: “Will you take time off or go straight into another job?” Good question! Like most people, I have been working non-stop since I was about fifteen years old and so yes there is a major part of me that wants to respond with  “Hell yeah I’d love to take a break! WTH do you think?!”, however, in all honesty, I haven’t given myself the time to really stop and ruminate on my next few steps.

In preparing to embark on this new adventure in life and exploring not only myself, but for the first time in nine years, having the time to actually explore Los Angeles, I have been toying with the various options I have available. I’ve never had the chance to visit Northern California, so that is one option I am thinking of. Tossing my dog Chopstick in my car and he and I taking a long road trip up North.  Just the thought of he and I hitting the open road and exploring together gets more and more enticing the more I ponder on it. Since I made the choice to become his parent, we have not had much one on one time to really bond and get to know each other. All of that is about to change.



Second option I have been toying around with is, again tossing Chopstick in my car and driving ( yes driving) back home to Washington D.C. It’s been a year since I’ve been back home and I’d love to see my family and friends. I’d love to take Chopstick home to my mother’s house and have him meet everyone too. Or just maybe just maybe I’ll take a drive up to Portland and visit my friend Duran. God only know what kind of trouble he’ll end up getting me into.  😉


What are your thoughts? What would you do if you had a month off to rejuvenate and figure things out? Where would you go?

One thought on “Nervously Excited!

  1. Do it!!!!! When will yo have this chance again? Maybe you can find a way to squeeze in BOTH trips? Drive up north (it is so gorgeous- you will have no shortage of open mouthed awe moments) and then take the high route to the east and the low route back. Or perhaps reverse that due to weather- southern route firs and northern route back home? Please post photos if you do.


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